EPFIndia Establishment Search (e-Report Card) Online epfindia.gov.in

EPFINDIA Establishment Search refers to the online facility provided by the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) in India. It allows users to search for details related to establishments registered under the EPFO. Here’s how it works:

What is EPFIndia Establishment Search ?

The "Establishment Search" on the EPFO website allows users to find information about an establishment or employer registered with the EPFO

Users can search for details such as the establishment's EPFO code, address, and other relevant information. 

This service is often used by employees to verify their employer's EPFO Registration and ensure that their provident fund contributions are being deposited correctly.

Establishment Search:

Users can search for establishments based on either part of the establishment name or the establishment code number (which consists of 7 digits).

Check your EPFIndia Establishment e-Report Card Information :

To check the Establishment e-Report Card on the EPF India website, Now follow these steps:

Go to the official EPFO website: EPFO Establishment Search.
This portal provides access to various services related to the Employees’ Provident Fund.


On the Establishment Search page, you can search for details using either of the following:

EPFindia Establishment Search
  • Part of Establishment Name: Enter a portion of the establishment name.
  • Establishment Code Number: Input the 7-digit establishment code number.
  • Complete the Captcha verification.
  • Once you submit the search criteria, the system will display relevant information about the establishment:
  • Validity Status : Indicates whether the establishment is currently covered by EPFO.
  • View Payment Details: Access payment-related information.
  • Establishment Status (As per EPFO Master): Provides details about the establishment’s status.
  • Establishment Details (As per Form 5A submitted Online by the Employer): Additional information submitted by the employer.
The tool also displays other relevant data, such as units/sub code under the same jurisdiction, other code numbers associated with the same establishment, and branches without a code.
Users can also find establishments linked to the same Permanent Account Number (PAN).

For more detailed information  you can visit the EPFO Establishment Search. EPFO’s commitment to transparency and accessibility ensures that employers and employees can easily access relevant information through this platform.